Sunday 14 August 2011

Position Vacant: Unique Product Locator.

Role: To identify unique products, groups of products, or services at the top end of the Queen Victoria Market for presentation through various media in order to excite our customers.
Duties: Liaise with General Merchandise Traders in order to identify unique products or special deals that have standout qualities.
Experience: An experienced retailer is likely to be ideal for this role although simple shop-aholics may have the necessary skills.
Goals: getting more customers for all General Merchandise Traders.
Salary: Very little (OK – None!)
Our presentation of this role is light-hearted although the role itself is very important. Over the last two weeks we have been presenting unique products to QVM management for marketing online through the QVM website, Facebook, and Twitter. Products we have selected include:
-          Bruce’s Sock/Shoes for toddlers.
-          Leo’s Tattoo Gun Belt Buckle.
-          Michaels Chocolate Chip Biscuits in nostalgic Hollywood star tins.
-          Rosalie’s double sided wrapping paper.
-          Thao’s handmade silk handbags.
-          Peter’s custom made shoes.
Each of these products has a uniqueness that deserves promotion. We believe they will stand out in consumer’s eyes as being interesting and worthy of a trip to the market. It may be because of their inherent qualities or a sensational deal. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these products throughout the top end of the market and we simply need your help to identify them and promote them.
Your role could be as simple as identifying one product that deserves promotion. That product may even be in your own range. You may feel you have a better skill at identifying promotable products than some of trader volunteers or even the marketing professionals in the office. Either way we need your input. If you have some ideas, telephone Greg Smith on 0406 222 020, visit him at Stall K33 on Saturdays or talk to your nearest Trader Volunteer.