Sunday 1 January 2012

Best Of 2011

We can’t resist giving you a rundown on the most popular posts on this website since our launch in March 2011.
MOST READ: This is the top list based on the number of times the post was accessed by readers.
1.       Number one goes to our story on Commbank’s decision to credit trader’s accounts with their EFTPOS money daily instead of delaying 2 or 3 days. We suspect it was number one because it had universal interest and was read by more than just QVM traders.
2.       Market Interviews are our most read genre and Mark Szmerling has topped the tree with his interview.
3.       The sad story of the passing of trader David Borynsztein attracted a lot of readership. David was a popular and well-respected trader in the market.
4.       Like we said, market interviews are very popular and Leo’s interview was just pipped by Mark Szmerling for most popular.
5.       Not really sure why this post featured in the top five except that hope springs eternal for market traders and good news is always welcome.
MOST LIKED: Readers are invited to “Like” posts on the website and the most liked posts  were a market interview on trader Herman and a post about the much hated “security announcement” over the market’s public address system
MOST PHOTOGRAPHED: This was a tie between Guru Pete and our youngest trader, Austin.

MOST THANKFUL: Your editor would like to thank all our readers for helping to keep the flag flying in 2011. December readership has once again set a record and we are very grateful for your interest. Thank you to all post contributors, especially our number one reporter, Tony Pierrakos, for his market interviews.