Tuesday 12 February 2013

Trader's Proposition On Night Trading - Re-posted

We have received this well thought out proposition from one of our traders on a trial to vary the market's operating hours. There seems to be general consensus that our hours of trade need to be reviewed and there are certainly some worthwhile ideas shown here. What do you think?
"I would suggest that we look at the concept of night trading, on all of our weekday trading days, but let’s start small and complete a trial of one of our days. I would suggest a 6 month comparison trial. 

We all know that there are mixed reviews from the Wednesday Suzuki Night Market, with some people saying its only the food that do well, some saying all traders do well and some saying it all depends on the night, and were your stall is located. Let’s face it that is market life, for all of us in the day market as well. 
It is evident that the shopping trend is changing; you just have to take a look around at people, their buying patterns and behaviors to see this. We are continually seeing less and less of people arrive in the mornings and more arrive in the afternoon. If we are flexible and look at changing to suit the needs of our customers in this new era, we will all benefit from stronger attendance and therefore sales;capitalising our individual businesses as well as reviving the Queen Vic. 
In my opinion lets trial a Thursday night market. But before you all jump up and down and say, “but I don’t want to do nights”, and “what about us, the Fruit and Veggies, Meat, Fish and Deli areas, why should we be forced to do a night market?”Don’t panic. I am merely suggesting a partial trail for the market.We could split the market in 2 halves “E” – “A” Sheds and “L” – “J” Sheds. 
Regular market traders that do not wish to participate will work in sheds “E” – “A”. Traders that wish to partake in the trial, set up in sheds “L” – “J”. 

I’m suggesting the night market trial the hours of 12pm till 8pm. I put forth Thursday for the trial as the city is already open for late night trading, which will allow us to attract some of those shoppers already in the city. It also allows for all the people living in the city, who after work are looking for things to do. Tourists staying in the city will have another attraction to visit during the evening.
All stalls would need to be set up by 12pm, with all boxes and cars removed from the aisles by 12pm. After 8pm boxes and/or cars are allowed access back into these aisles. I would also suggest that we could bring some of the Suzuki Night Market atmosphere into this trial, by asking some of the performers from the Suzuki Night Market if they wish to participate. 
“L” shed could become the hub for food, allowing String bean Alley to participate in this trial and bring patrons out towards that area. Also using “L” shed means that no current traders are disrupted from their normal stalls, as this shed is not used as part of the Thursday day market. 

I would suggest that the standard stall areas (size as per traders current set up) that are in use during the day market are also the standard sizes brought over to the trial. Traders who want to participate in the trial are allowed to occupy their permanent stalls if that stall is within the area of the trial sheds. ie: if I have a “J” shed stall and I wish to participate in the trial, then l keep my current “J” shed stall, but if l have a “J” shed stall, and wish to do the day market, then I will need to move to a stall in “E”, “D”, “C” sheds – And vice versa for day traders."

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06/02/2013 19:12:10 Thursday Night Trading "Hi Guys, I am happy to have my name put to this, and my stall numbers as well. Do not mind if traders want to come and have a chat. If I'm going to say this sort of thing, l am happy to let people know that l am the one that wrote it.
Lance Dyer
Thur: J 5 - 8
Fri: J 11 - 12
Sat: J 83 - 84, W 27 - 28
Sun: J 5 - 8
Thanks" Lance Dyer

03/02/2013 22:00:13 night market "Brilliant idea. It would work. I'm all for it"  Andy

06/02/2013 09:09:05 "Great idea!! as all stallholders are hurting in the hip pocket with the exception of a few.Asking the office to work extra time,the security,the cleaners and the carpark This will be your biggest hurdle!. I believe the stallholders will do it they do have a passion for the place. 1x sockstall 1x wigs 1x mens shoes 1x giftware 2x australiana tops 2x mens wear 2x ladies shoes 2x aust souvenirs 2x uggs 2x handbags 2x scarves&hats 2x ladies clothing 1x sunglasses 1x kitchenware 2x runners 2x jewelery 2x toys 2x fone accessories 1x hairbrushes 1x hair jewelery 2x soaps 2x keycutting service 1x indian souvenirs If we limit the number by the variety we have a beta chance of success, "

08/02/2013 17:16:52 Thursday Night Trading "One of the key aspects to this, would have to be product mix. I do agree that we need to limit the number of stalls selling the same products. It is a fine line on how many of each product type do you allow in. Things like Ugg Boots, for example, 2 would be ample, but only 2 Ladies Clothing stalls, would prevent a variety of ladies fashions being available." 

12/02/2013 10:38:35 Night market "It's not a bad idea to try the Thursday night.from reading your proposal,I could not understand how can I do the night marketer from 12 pm if I am here already from the morning anyway,? Do I just stay and continue until 8pm? Please let me know. I stand in j shed and would like to be on that night market trial but as long as I can just stay and move to another spot in same day? You didn't make it clear. Ariel Gabizon 1747". Ariel Gabizon  

12/02/2013 13:37:46 Market hours "What about extending the trading hours on Tuesday and thursday until 5 pm instead of the 2 pm. That could give traders more money without going through the packing/ unpacking . Also less for the office to deal with.many times we find ourselves pushing the buyers away at 2pm and they don't get it that we close so early." Ariel gabizon 

20/02/2013 14:53:08 Thursday Night Trading - "Hi Ariel Gabizon - In the case of the trail for Thursday night trading, l was suggesting to that traders would have the choice of either the standard Day market or trading in the Night Market.
Day Market you would trade from 6am till 2pm
Night Market you would trade from 12pm till 8pm.
It was a choice of 1 or the other. I hope this clears up any confusion you may have in regards to this.
Please remember though, this was just an idea, that l had, and no formal proposal has been submitted to the QVM management. There is always room for change if a formal proposal is submitted at some stage