Sunday 27 April 2014

An Open Letter To Our Lord Mayor

An Open Letter To Our Lord Mayor

Dear Mr. Doyle,
          There are many who recognise your pivotal role in the process of re-invigorating our wonderful Queen Victoria Market. Back in 2012 you called concerned traders to your office to discuss the future of the market and since then we have embarked on the city’s largest ever project of market renewal.

          However, we would like to question the terminology used this week in Melbourne’s press. “There may be times when it is like a general market, trash and treasure-type market, and other times its primary purpose is to be the best fresh-food market in Australia”.

          We would like to categorically state that there is no trash in the general merchandise (we now call it specialty merchandise) area of the market. Ironically the only real trash (definition: waste or refuse) lies at the back of food stalls. The closest that Specialty Merchandise comes to second hand goods is a monthly vintage market and we can assure you that quality and prices of those goods are well above trash level.

          The top end of QVM, the Specialty Merchandise area, contains a huge range of products ranging from the highest quality to the most price-competitive. We have quality leather goods, fine jewellery and a broad range of clothing accessories to meet all needs. We cater for those seeking quality as well as those who consider low prices essential to their buying.

One of the key attractions of the market’s food area is the choice. You can buy the finest fresh tomatoes for your Greek salad, or the lower quality but full flavoured tomatoes for your homemade tomato sauce. The same applies in the top end where you can, as an example, buy genuine aboriginal craft for that special souvenir or the cheaper copies depending on your needs and the size of your wallet. Variety and choice are essential components of our offer to customers.

The Challenge – why don’t your PR people get in touch with our PR people and we can organise a showcase of what Specialty Merchandise has to offer? We’d love to remove the “trash” from our dialogue.

Best Regards – Specialty Merchandise Traders.