Friday 4 April 2014

Training Seminar About Going Online Well Attended

A free 2 hour training seminar held at Small Business Victoria in Exhibition St. on Tuesday was well received by around 20 Specialty (general merchandise) Traders.

The seminar was directed at newcomers to e-commerce. Many of the traders attending already had websites but were keen to get an overview of current online thinking and the broad approach by our presenter certainly helped fill the gaps in trader's knowledge.

Much discussion centred around the combination of websites, social media and email in communicating with customers. It was felt that more discussion on the use of Facebook and perhaps, Twitter, could be helpful to traders. 

Other subjects included the merit of linking trader's websites with the QVM website and drawing on its huge footprint, the merit of doing your own content entries on your website rather than paying someone else to do it, and the desirability of being innovative in your content so as to attract customers to your website and your stall.

Our presenter suggested that around $2000 may need to be spent for a professional website but that there were cheaper start up options with monthly subscriptions that traders could also consider. A comprehensive training manual was handed out at the seminar and spare copies may be available from Victoria Niewalda.

Thank you to all those who attended - Krista, Jerry, Robyn, Bruce, Iris, Drita, Andy know who you were. We would love your feedback.

04/04/2014 16:28:22 Going Online Seminar "I found this seminar very useful. I already have a website but getting a fresh overview from the presenter has left me with a list of things I need to do. Well worth it and very cheap :-)
Looking forward to a follow-up." Greg 
05/04/2014 08:55:05 training seminar "More of this needed." Andy