Thursday 3 April 2014

Ask Aunty V

Dear Aunty V,
I am a small retailer - a time poor small retailer.
I don't have back room staff - hell, I don't have a back room. Everything comes from my time  - hand on - and every function is carefully timed so as to maximise my limited resources.
I have a website but it pretty much sits in the background. It only contains my core lines because I don't have time to continuously update it. Unfortunately however my actual product range is continuously updating. Many of my products are single run - they may only last on the shelves for a month or even a couple of weeks. At present I have to take a photo of the product, enter a 3 or 4 line description, set minimum and maximum stock levels, enter detailed pricing information, put in shipping weight, etc.etc. I need a very quick and easy way to put products on line and this is what I am looking for -
I would like to take a photo of a product from my shelf, attach price data, and then upload to my website. Customers would click on the photo, access the price information, and add it to the shopping cart (in my case ZenCart). When the product reaches the end of its run I would simply delete the photo. In the meantime I am uploading many other products. The essence is in the simplicity.

This strikes me as a simple, efficient way of maintaining my website and putting more products in front of my customers. Perhaps this technology exists. I would love to hear if it does. Please help!

Desperate Trader

Dear Desperate,
Your dear old Aunty V is from another generation. How the hell  would I know what to do?(apologies for swearing but I notice you used the "hell" word as well)
I can only hope that some smart person knows the answer to this. I do know that many smart people read this website. Fingers crossed that you get a reply.

Yours Truly - Aunty V.

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