Friday 11 April 2014

David O’Neil Receives Warm Reception From Traders

Thursday afternoon’s presentation to traders by markets expert, David O’Neil, was enthusiastically received by a large group of traders.

A meeting room at the Jasper Hotel had to receive last minute extra seating to fit in all participants which included traders, management, council representatives and independant market consultants. David O’Neil’s extensive experience with global markets and his down to earth manner contributed to a rich discussion on many aspects of market operation.

David talked about the opportunity for QVM to set a high standard of market renewal on one of the largest major city market sites in the world. He presented examples of many other market renewals around the world and regularly drew comparisons with the options available at QVM including underground facilities.

As would be expected at a meeting involving traders, there was some robust questioning during the presentation on key issues like car parking, compensation during construction periods and customer facilities like seating and green areas. Overall the mood seemed very positive and spontaneous applause for our guest occurred on a number of occasions.

At the end of proceedings, traders presented David with a rare book of market photographs as a sign of their appreciation.