Sunday 25 May 2014

A Good News Story – Changing Product Mix

Retailing is difficult at present and QVM traders are always looking for flexibility in how they operate. Flexibility is important if we are able to adjust to changing trading conditions and the fickle nature of consumer demand.
There has been justifiable criticism of past management practices which have been perceived as too restrictive and lacking the entrepreneurial approach that is so essential to retail survival. But there are signs of improvement and this is one story to illustrate that.
Our trader operates two stalls with different but related ranges. They were struggling with their format and approached management with a suggestion that they be able to put both product ranges on each stall. They sat down with management and worked out a plan of action which essentially achieved what they were looking for. The two ranges are still defined separately but the combination has created a new look and feel which it is hoped will result in increased turnover for each stall.
The point is that traders who want to make changes to how they do business should not feel inhibited by past practice. If you have a well considered idea you should contact management and be prepared to talk through the options.