Saturday 10 May 2014

Multi-Storey Above Ground Car Park Not An Option At Present

Wednesday's traders meeting focused predominantly on issues relating to car parking at QVM. 
Traders had stated a preferred option for a multi-level above ground car park on the site of the current car park as a cost-effective way to minimise disruption to trader activities. QVM have since stated their preferred option as an underground car park under A,B, and C sheds. 
QVMAC Representative, George Milonas, made the point that worldwide city design preferences had changed in recent years -"You will never have an above ground car park built anywhere in the world (in a major city)." It is clear from recent market renewals overseas that underground car parks are preferred.
However construction of underground car parks causes disruption during the construction phase. A key resolution from the traders meeting was that the proposal for an underground park under A,B, and C sheds was unacceptable in its present form because the risks to traders had not been addressed.

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16/05/2014 20:00:16 Above Ground Car not an option "I would like to respond to George's comments saying that you will never see a multi-story above ground car park built in major cities around the world.
I was in our own great city the other night, for a night out, and was looking around at all the new development that has been taking place, and guess what l was noticing all over the place, above ground car parks being constructed as part of these buildings. You can go almost anywhere in Docklands and see plenty of them, as part of new constructions, on the lower levels, prior to the apartments starting, or the hotels, or the offices, what ever the buildings purpose is. 
I think its more a case of, as you can't see them, you don't actually realise they are there, but they are, its just a case of better building processes, to include these car parks as part of the designs, rather than as a car park, and this then enhances the overall look of these new buildings." Lance

You are right Lance. I think George was referring to "stand alone" above ground car parks. - Ed