Sunday 25 May 2014

Looking For A $500 Subsidy?

QVM Traders are able to take advantage of a special $500 marketing subsidy for their stall. There are rules and conditions but it is all pretty straight forward and the subsidy can be used to assist with the cost of things like business cards and carry bags.
Trader Xenia has used this facility to subsidise the cost of her perfectly purple carry bags and her business cards as shown in our photo.

There may be other uses for the subsidy and you are encouraged to contact the market office. Here is the blurb from the QVM Traders Hub website –
 The Cooperative Marketing Program allows for traders to apply for a monetary contribution for their marketing exercises. To be eligible to apply, the Queen Victoria Market logo and trading hours must be shown on all items produced. This could be shopping bags, business cards, print advertising etc. The contribution is up to 50% of the production cost up to a maximum contribution of $500 per trader per financial year. Please note that prior participation in the co-op program does not grant automatic participation the following year. For further information contact Andrew Cyples via