Monday 12 May 2014

CEO Responds To Car Park Question

On May 1st we posted some questions from a trader seeking assurances about the QVM Renewal, particularly in regard to the car park. Here are the questions

01/05/2014 15:59:44 moolah for market  "So does this mean that if they don't sell the land on the south side of the market that the renewal will not go ahead?
Also before the renewal starts the land has to be sold ?
So if thats true, what happens if the promised car park with no less car spaces  (including the car spaces that we will lose on Queen st and Franklin st) than we already have doesn't go ahead, are we then behind the 8 ball because the land has already been sold? 
These are the questions I want answered before I believe that the underground car park is a good idea "

We decided to refer the traders comment to our CEO, Jan Cochrane-Harry, and she has responded that the answer to both questions is - No!

Thanks to our trader and to Jan for the quick response. Can we have more questions from traders?

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12/05/2014 16:41:27 moolah of market "So if thats the  case,the renewal goes ahead and stake holders agree that the disruption will be determinately to our businesses,as well as being very costly for no greater benefit then shouldn't we concentrate on how better to spend the publics money. Instead of disrupting the whole market for no gain just public space (flagstaff gardens is straight across the road) how about we weather proof the market, cover in the lane ways, renovate the toilettes, have  a P.A.system that works,an information booth( communication is the best form of advertisement )  in the centre of the market, Queen st is the connection to all our markets so use it every day not just Sundays. Really don't make it harder than it has to be, just to employe more admin staff.Oh and have more rovering entertainer because Harry the singing bubble guy makes the crowd smile every time."