Sunday 4 May 2014

No Vans In Stalls

Our CEO has floated the idea of removing vehicles from stalls. This has been raised as we look at ways to fit all traders into a smaller top end during (and probably after) the construction of an underground car park. Vehicles, particularly vans, take up a large area of valuable retail space.

Vehicles on stalls do take up a lot of space and they generally detract from the look and feel of a retail presentation. But they also add a level of convenience and operational efficiency that varies according to the nature of a traders business. After all, we are largely a retail centre that sets up and packs down every trading day.

One jewellery trader commented this week that his van is his security. If he had to unload his jewellery, and then leave the stall to park his van offsite, he would run a substantial risk of theft. Another trader said that he was seriously considering getting rid of his van and substituting storage boxes purely because he was sick of the traffic hassle getting to the market each morning.

There are many things to consider here. Are storage boxes a suitable alternative to vans and would they solve the space problem anyway? The economics of running a van versus storage boxes are often in the same ball park, but if vans were forced offsite we would need to factor in parking costs. If vehicles were only allowed into the market to load and unload we would need to manage the congestion problems during those times. No doubt traders will have many more things we need to consider.

If we want to fit all our traders into a smaller trading footprint, changes will be needed. Like most issues at our market, trader input is essential.

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05/05/2014 10:52:30 Vans  in stalls "There are days when traders pay over $100 to have  a stall which includes parking the vehicle on stall this would cause a major dusruption to the market with traders moving in and out at the same time also added parking Fees  and availability of parking spots it would all add up to one big disorganised mess.  These ideas look good on paper in an airconditoned office where you do not have to walk far to get pencil.  To travel from stall to carpark wherever that may may be leaving stall unattended is not at all practical in the running of an efficient Stall." A & J  E Shed  

 05/05/2014 17:35:20 Vans in stalls "Ask our CEO to concentrate on more customers. More customers More business More business More Traders More Traders Less vans LETS NOT FORGET WHAT ITS ABOUT. STOP MAKING LIFE HARD. WORK ON RUNNING A MARKET!!!!" John Magno

16/05/2014 20:16:15 No Vans in Stalls "I just love this idea...... NOT.... its great to sit in an office, and look at the market and go, it would be so much better if we did this and that, but actually have no idea of the logistics that it takes most traders to set up.

So for all those traders that travel to and from work in their vehicles, loaded with stock, who currently park at the back of their stall, which they are paying to utilise for the day, are now going to either have to arrive earlier to unload, so there vehicles are not in the market, and then move them to most likely our already under spaced car park (as lets face the office has almost 50+ spaces for its employees, security has approx 10 spaces, the car park has approx 6, the box guys all have spaces, the Fruit and veggie trucks all take 2 spaces each, and there is about 10 of those trucks, so we are already down almost 100 spaces) meaning even less spaces for our customers to park, meaning they will get frustrated with the long queue to get in, then driving around and around, because the system has let them in, because it does not realise its a full car park (because the fruit and verge trucks have 2 spaces each - and the system does not recognise this when allowing vehicles into the car park), or they will need to get boxes, which add costs, but lets face it, they are next item that the office whats to get abolish from the market, as they are not good looking, and they take up to much room. 

It would be nice if these people actually understood, what we go through day in and day out, and l know they have said, they would like volunteers to spend the day with to understand what we go through, but are they willing to be there at 5am on Saturday or Sunday morning, and still be there at 5pm Saturday night, or 6pm Sunday night when we are finishing for the day. Im guessing not. They will come and spend some time, but not the 12 or 14 hours that a lot of spend on our stalls.

These people need to realise, we are MARKET, not a shopping centre, we do not work like a shopping centre does. We do not have a roller door, we can pull up in the morning, and down at night. We don't have heating and cooling, we are exposed to the elements, we don't even have power to supply some simple services, like improved lighting, or even cash register, if we wanted to, or be able to charge an EFTPOS machine.

Yes some things need to be looked at, but stopping stall holders having their vehicles on their stalls, is not a priority. Yes do not let stallholders park on vacant stalls throughout the market, it looks bad, that l have no problems with. Park it on your stall, or at the back of a stall, that you have an agreement with that trader to do so, but not just on a vacant stall." Lance