Saturday 10 May 2014

Traders Meeting – An Important Step Forward

Wednesday’s meeting in the QVM Food Court was attended by over 200 traders. It was significant for a number of reasons not the least being that 3 important resolutions were passed unanimously by the group.

These resolutions were –
1. The minimum car parking spaces should not be less than our current 1180 spaces, these include our spaces in the current car park of 720, spaces in Franklin St , spaces in Queen St and loss of spaces in Elizabeth St. due to bike lanes.
2. The current QVM Board’s and CoM preferred option for the car park under Sheds A,B,C as it stands is not acceptable to the traders as the risk to traders has not been addressed.
3. That a subscription be collected by QVM Pty. Ltd. on behalf of the QVM traders and placed into a trust fund to cover the costs of an Administrative Officer, a clerical support person to liaise on behalf of traders and other costs as they may arise.

The third option followed a recommendation by Markets Expert, David O’Neil, that traders adopt overseas models where traders employ professional managers to handle their affairs. These managers are funded through subscription arrangements and are employed purely to act on behalf of traders.

Wednesday's meeting was also significant because of the positive focus on real issues. There was spirited and at times emotional discussion but a measured resolve was apparent. As convener Jenny Pyke said -" Mass meetings are not always the best way to communicate with traders but this one was appropriate for the time, and we can fill in the gaps between this type of meeting with emails and SMS. Just as long as traders are fully informed."

We would love to have feedback from traders who attended the meeting.

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