Friday 25 July 2014

Car Park Vouchers Go To Tradies Not Traders

Discounted all-day parking vouchers are issued from the QVM car park booth on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Instead of the usual $25 or so the fee becomes $16 but the vouchers are going to tradies on nearby building sites before traders can take advantage of the discounted parking fee.

Now the car park is essentially for customers but traders who are required to use their vehicles for the unloading and loading of stock could rightfully expect to get preference over outsiders – in this case the large number of tradies who park at QVM before their early morning start on building sites around the market.

The problem is that tradies get in first and on most days all the allocated vouchers have disappeared by 7:00am leaving many unhappy traders having to find parking further afield. Interestingly, the Kim Lim car park in A’Beckett St. charges only $12 for early bird parking (in before 10am, out after 3pm) so tradies do have cost effective alternatives.

QVMAC Representatives have asked management to review the car park arrangement so that traders can better utilise an important component of their business activities. We understand that new arrangements will be announced shortly.

27/07/2014 22:35:22 Car parking "One idea that may help would be that the traders supply the car park staff with their trade number in order to receive a parking voucher .A notice board informing everyone of a commencement date of this new system will let people know in advance and could reduce possible confrontations." Steve mc

28/07/2014 08:37:07 Car Park Vouchers "Traders should also utilise the surrounding car parks. Most of the traders who park in the car park do so for convenience, nothing more. They are not loading and unloading throughout the day. They have driven to the market, unloaded their vehicles and then park in our car park, and at the end of the day they leave, its not a case of constantly going to their cars to get stock, and if they are, they should look at ways to have the stock on their stalls, to provide a better shopping experience for our customers. A lot of these same traders who park in our car park, are also the sames ones that complain their is not enough parking for customers. I say NO more voucher parking on MARKET days............ this will free up a lot of spaces for customers of the QVM, not TRADIES or TRADERS to park."