Sunday 20 July 2014

Editorial: QVM’s Business Plan Is One Of The Most Significant Documents of Recent Decades.

Editorial: QVM’s Business Plan Is One Of The Most Significant Documents of Recent Decades.

Wednesday's meeting of Specialty Traders (General Merchandise) was presented with the QVM’s Business Plan for 2014/15. This is a comprehensive document which has two very significant aspects. Firstly, the fact that it has actually been revealed to traders is important. Over recent decades traders have not been privy to the visions and goals of QVM. But here we have a document that has been presented in its entirety (copies were distributed after the meeting) and gives a revealing insight into QVM thinking.

During her presentation, CEO Jan Cochrane-Harry talked about the process of “adapting” the market for the future rather than making major changes. It is obvious that many components of the plan will require a lot of work before their application becomes clear. It is equally obvious that traders will need to have significant input.

And this brings us to the other significant aspect of this document – it has been written for QVM Pty. Ltd. but it has the potential to guide all participants at QVM including traders. The future of QVM, and the imposition of a renewal, makes for a confusing array of options. Any document that brings clarity is most welcome. This document attempts to set the parameters for discussion and action, raises questions, answers some of them, and gives us a structure for considered analysis.

There are a number of aspects of the Business Plan that will require scrutiny by traders particularly things like the review of licences. However, the smattering of applause at the conclusion of the presentation would suggest there are broad areas of unity. This is a leadership document for QVM Pty. Ltd. If the majority of its components can be embraced by traders as well, it could become really useful.

NOTE: The complete Business Plan can now be viewed online by going to this link -

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