Thursday 31 July 2014

What Could A Traders Association Do For Traders?

At a mass meeting of traders back in May it was decided to promote the formation of an official traders association and to establish a subscription model that would allow traders to employ a professional manager to handle their affairs.

Much of the impetus for this arrangement came from a study of international markets and the ways in which traders organised themselves. Global Market Expert, David O’Neil, talked about professional trader bodies that employed their own staff, negotiated deals with market managements, signed contracts, and got involved in a range of services designed to assist market development.

At QVM, traders see many advantages in a professionally organised association with a professional executive to 
- Give guidance to traders,
- handle discussions and negotiations with market management, 
- examine latest developments in retail, 
- have an understanding of leasing and licensing arrangements, and 
- seek advice on legal or town planning issues.

Traders are currently well served by volunteer representatives but, as a lengthy renewal process starts up, we can see the merits of a focussed, experienced, retail and administrative specialist to conduct our affairs under the guidance of a Trader Committee of Management.

The services offered by an association could include special negotiated deals on 
- Banking and EFTPOS services.
- Product delivery services.
- Stationary supplies.
- Special marketing opportunities.
One of our traders commented recently that if management is so reluctant to facilitate bus tours and shuttle buses to bring us customers, perhaps traders could do it themselves.

These are all possibilities, but our first step is to populate the membership of the traders association and many traders have already signed up. If you haven’t signed up yet you can download an application from the link below and hand it to your trader representative. 

QVMTI Application Form

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