Wednesday 2 July 2014

J Shed gets A Clean Up

The cleaning process spotted in the bottom half of J shed this morning will hopefully be extended throughout the whole top end. JShed and its neighbours, K, RK, RL, and L are probably most in need of a spruce up. Removing the collection of dust and dirt in the upper reaches of these sheds will be welcomed by traders. It is all about having pride in where you work.

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02/07/2014 19:07:49 J Shed High Clean "It was fantastic to see Citywide and tranzwash combine there  expertise and and heavy duty cleaning machinery to give J shed a a major spring clean removing all the dust , grease,cobwebs and bird droppings through out the shed .
A great big tick of approval to Queen Victoria Market. " John
02/07/2014 21:35:00 cleaning the dust from above us. "This cleaning is long overdue, and i suggest for health reasons should be done at least once a year". skippy
03/07/2014 12:16:19 j shed cleaning "Great job done so far, it's great not having birds doing their business onto my stall or bits of debris falling onto it or customers." Leah  
03/07/2014 18:40:24 J Shed Cleaning "Just saw this picture on here, it shows the Bottom of J shed.....Was looking overhead today and could see that the lights are still full of grease and grime, the sprinkler system is still covered in grease and grime, and this all comes from the night market food stalls. It would have been nice to see these cleaned as well"  
 03/07/2014 23:23:42 J shed "Let's not judge until it's finished , I hear thats scheduled for next Monday. It's was great that you could see the sunlight shining through the top glass today. :) And yes to a continues clean through out the rest of the sheds. " Michael