Sunday 13 July 2014

Giant Restaurant At QVM

This one-off food event sponsored by wine company, Jacobs Creek, took over the top of A shed on Saturday.
 Customers were treated to a free meal and wine during multiple sittings. It was a cold day but that didn't stop hundreds if diners (including a trader or two) from enjoying the occasion.
One trader said that he felt it was his duty to sample the offer as part of understanding the impact of our marketing on customers. After 3 glasses of red wine he was happy with the impact.
All jokes aside, initial impressions of the event were favourable. $5 vouchers that could be used in surrounding market caféwere handed out to diners in an effort to spread the goodwill.

A lot of effort has gone into enlivening the top of A shed over recent months and we would love to get your feedback on any aspect of the process particularly if you trade on Victoria St..