Sunday 13 November 2016

Latest Retail News - 13/11/2016

News In Brief.....

1. Woolworths re-negotiates fresh food deal with Victoria’s SPC.
2. Woolworths dumps SPC canned tomato from deal.
3. Australia and Singapore lead the world with purchasing goods from other countries.
4. UK men’s shoe retailer, Oliver Sweeney, to launch range through David Jones.
5. Ikea launches online store in Australia.
6. Amazon insists its suppliers offer free returns.
7. Spanish based sunglasses online retailer, Hawkers, has launched in Australia.
8. Entrepreneur Dick Smith predicts Aldi domination of supermarket category within 10 years.
9. Tobler upsets customers with bigger gaps between bar segments and less chocolate.

More News - 13/11/2016

Post Trump Election Impact On Consumers - according to a retail analyst in the US - “You will see a bump in spending this year because this election was so close, so highly contested, and so dramatic no matter which candidate you supported. Half the country is going to be happy, so they are going to go out and spend, and half is going to be very distraught and disturbed — and one way to get out of that slump is to distract themselves by going to stores.”

US Economy Grows – The US economy grew at its fastest rate in two years in the last quarter. US commerce department on Friday reported that GDP increased by 2.9% in the third quarter despite Trumps claim that the economy was weakening.

Master’s Sites - A major player has emerged in the next chapter of the Masters saga, with the Spotlight Retail Group claiming 19 of the failed hardware retailer’s development sites. A spokesperson said that Master had acquired prime retail estate on high profile corners and main roads so the acquisition made sense. Consideration is being given to combined Spotlight/ Anaconda operations with options for smaller retailers as well.

Amazon Ups The Offer In London – Amazon have announced that they are coming to Australia next year but in the meantime, they have just introduced one hour delivery on certain products in London. Luxury health goods and fine wines from local London suppliers can now be delivered within the hour. The one hour delivery costs £6.99 but two hour delivery is free. In Paris you can also get one hour organic foods from Amazon.

ACCC Warns Supermarkets – the ACCC has said it will be watching closely for issues of “product dumping” by the likes of Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi. Product dumping occurs when supermarkets de-list suppliers ranges from their shelves without due notice to the supplier. Protections were built into the Food & Grocery Code of Conduct to assist suppliers.