Sunday, 20 November 2016

Heard Under The Sheds – 20/11/2016

Xenia's Progress –one of our traders visited trader Xenia (Sonia) Charalambous in hospital during the week. Xenia suffered a stroke at the market back in August and she is undergoing rehabilitation treatment. Xenia’s daughters are continuing to operate her stall on a restricted basis. In the meantime Xenia asked to express her thanks to management, box hire operators and her customers for their understanding during her recovery. Xenia is an active person and no doubt finds bed confinement rather frustrating but apparently she is looking well and sporting a trendy new hair cut. We wish Xenia well.

Confusion Over Late Night Trading Christmas Friday. – details of the special arrangement for 9pm trading on Friday 23rd December have been released and some confusion has arisen.
One trader was concerned that he would have to move his stall at 3:00pm to take part in the special late trading but that is not the case. Traders are being asked to declare whether they wish to trade late on the Friday. Those trading late will be in the one spot for the whole day and as far as possible that will be their normal stall. Traders who wish to leave early will be located at the Peel St. end of the market so as not to disable normal trade closer to Queen St. when they leave. Boxes will not be allowed in the aisles between The Walkway and Queen St. until 9:00pm.
A considerable amount of effort will go into promoting this special night and for many reasons it is in every trader’s interests to make it a success. Having said that, there is much to work through, and it will assist all parties if any questions or concerns are raised and dealt with as soon as possible.

Wednesday Night Trading – the first night of the Summer Night Market on Wednesday was anticipated with some trepidation because last year’s first night was disappointing. We are pleased to report that most traders experienced good trade on Wednesday. The Summer Night Market is off to a good start.

QVM Annual Report – traders will have received a copy of the Company’s Annual Report and there is much to read through. One of our traders went straight to the financials and noted the rather small profit (down from $364,272 to $39,848) but that rental income actually increased which suggests that trader number have not changed a great deal across the market. We will leave more considered evaluation of the figures to traders with more expert financial minds.