Sunday, 20 November 2016

Our First Promises For The Trader Elections

This week’s Trader Bulletin announces the upcoming elections for a Trader Representative Committee and the excitement has already started.

Victraders has received a list of promises from a candidate which bears a striking resemblance to the recent US Presidential campaign. It contains promises that can’t be kept, attitudes that can be described as “redneck” and some very questionable solutions to problems at our market.

This submission is a joke but the election of course is quite serious and we look forward to some real discussion over coming weeks.


1) We're going to deregulate the market.
Creating a free and open marketplace.
Putting control back in trader’s hands.

2) We're going to bring manufacturing to the market and locally made products back to the market.

3) We're going to create jobs by filling the market with more and more of the same traders.

4) We're going to give the jobs back to Australian traders. Our traditional generational traders, the Italians, Greeks, Polish and Russian.

5) We're going to stop all the money going to the Food area and the elitist night market.
We will demand a proportional share of the budget in keeping with our contribution to revenue.

6) We're going to lower rents and fees -  easing the financial pressure on struggling traders, the backbone of this market.

7) We're going to put a trader on the board of directors. Ensuring simple solutions to complex problems.

8) Finally, we are going to build a wall in Queen Street and we are going to make food pay for it.


(Chanting) QVM - QVM - QVM - QVM...