Sunday 26 February 2017

A Shed Entertains

I took a walk up A Shed on Saturday and there were some pleasing aspects to the new presentation.

Queen St Plaza is developing its “festival” concept and as you walk into A Shed the combination of key anchor spots like the Mussell Van, Rocco’s Juicery, and Rewine add variety and quality.

Is it my imagination or do the fruiterers in this area look more professional in their presentation? Gus & Carmel’s Ilfruttivendolo shows a point of difference.

Further up the aisle is the “Family Footy Zone” and there was a real buzz with the kids lining up to take “specces” over the blow up models. The young fellow shown in our photo went up to the staff afterwards to thank them for letting him join in which was a nice touch.

Adjacent to the Footy Zone were two giant TV screens showing a replay of last year’s AFL Grand Final between the Bulldogs and The Swans. An iconic football match that actually gained little attention from the market goers as our photo shows. That probably just says the Queen Vic Market was giving them better things to do. And from what I saw it certainly was.

By Greg Smith