Sunday 5 February 2017

Recent Good News Stories From QVM...and a launching pad for 2017.

The new year is a time for review, an opportunity to look at what has happened over the past year, and prepare to launch into the new year with some confidence.

Fortunately 2016 brought a number of good news stories to the Queen Vic Market that we think will set a firm base for that launch.

1. Our new CEO – the arrival of Malcolm McCullough and promotions executive , Mark Scott, has injected a much needed quality into QVM management – sound retail experience.

2. Openness – a number of traders have applauded the management style that gives all traders face to face access to key management personnel right up to the CEO. The Engagement Hub discussions have planted many seeds of innovation.

3. ATMs – strategic location of ATMs has proved a great

initiative. Sending customers to the next aisle instead of Queen St. has certainly enhanced customer service.

4. New traders – there have been a number of new additions to our trader ranks with the credentials to enhance the appeal for the whole market - Merlo Coffee’s brilliant Torrefazione, Scott Pickett’s outstanding new deli, our new trader of the year award winner, Kris Robinson, Jen’s Craft, Fremantle Water Beads, Mr.B Handicraftsman, and apologies to all those we haven’t mentioned.

5. Awards Night – speaking of award winners, our inaugural Trader Awards Night in September was a great success as it celebrated the wonderful contribution of traders to QVM’s heart and soul. Hey – we are its heart and soul!

6. A Trader is elected to City Council – Michael Caifia’s election to City Council. Continues the good news stories. Michael will not be able to vote on QVM matters but his presence at city hall can’t help but enhance our role in the city.

7. Revitalising the Night Market – our incredibly successful Night Market looked a little vulnerable last season as sales and attendance dropped off, but this season the vigour has returned with good crowd numbers thanks to a revitalised program. Well done to all concerned.

8. Social media comes of age – the QVM social media machine stepped up a notch in 2016 with regular promotional videos on Facebook and some very encouraging viewing statistics. Ten thousand views for a trader’s video is a good result.

9. Our own TV show – My Market Kitchen commenced screening last year and drew a great connection with the people’s market and our wonderful food offer.

10. QVM takes over liquor sales at Night Market – this may be a contentious good news story with some traders complaining that small businesses have been denied opportunity. However there are probably at least two good reasons why QVM running the bar at the Night Market is good news. Firstly it keeps the profits from liquor sales within the market. That reduces the pressure on QVM income and may just finance our next rent reduction (wishful thinking). The other good reason is that at last QVM has a direct link to sales trends. They now know what impact their measures can have on sales, albeit in just one category.

11. Currency Exchange - at last our own currency exchange booth in A Shed.

These are our good news stories for the year, but let's face it, good news can mean different things to different people and in a social and business structure as complex as QVM's, one person's good news may not be quite as positive to another. We welcome your thoughts.

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