Sunday 5 February 2017

The Single Most Important Contribution Made For Traders By The QVMAC

The QVM trader representative group is about to transition from the old QVMAC (Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee) to the new TRC (Trader Representative Committee). So what does that mean and what has the QVMAC achieved?

In its 6 years, the QVMAC introduced a number of important innovations for traders. In fact there were over 40 of them but in the interests of keeping you awake long enough to read this article we have chosen some of the more important ones. And one of them has particular significance. Here is the short list –
1. Enhancing the penetration and relevance of trader advice including introducing the presence of two Board members at all QVMAC meetings and addressing the full board directly each year.

2. Direct discussion with City of Melbourne officials including the original meeting with the Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, seeking renewed official interest in our market back in March 2012.

3. Introduced as an independent website to inform traders about market matters including reporting on regular QVMAC meetings with management and Board members.

4. Important operational issues including requesting, monitoring and achieving lighting improvements across the market particularly in poorly lit areas like K Shed.

5. Briefing management, Board and Council on a whole range of important issues including cruise ships and tourist engagement, customer research and measurement, QVM policies and practices, trading hours, relevant practices in overseas markets, and QVM Market Renewal.

6. Introducing specific trader benefits including new trader induction program, single day absences for SL License holders and a heat policy for older traders.

7. And the single most important contribution – active lobbying with the City of Melbourne for a program of market investment following decades of neglect. The QVMAC has made market investment a key issue from day one and the up to $250m market renewal program is a welcome and important component in our market’s future survival.

The groundwork has been laid for the new TRC to continue a fruitful relationship with QVM Management and the CoM. One of their key aims no doubt will be to ensure that the acquired funding is spent in the best interests of the market and its traders. All traders will wish them every success in their endeavours.