Saturday 4 March 2017

The Good News Poster Every Trader Should Hang On Their Stall

We are suggesting that you print out this article and hang it on your stall. We all need some good news and following the latest Government statistics, here it is.

Australia Has Avoided Recession.

Economic performance in Australia was down 0.5% in September which raised some fears of recession (two consectutive quarters of negative performance). But performance was up 1.1% in December quarter. Annual growth continues at 2.4% and may reach 3% in 2017/18.
Australia is closing in on the Netherlands record for the longest period of economic activity without a recession.

Industry Re-investment Is On The Rise.

Industry re-investment is on the rise even in the mining industry.

 Terms Of Trade Up By 9%

The rise in iron ore and coal prices means our Terms of Trade improved by 9% during the December quarter.