Saturday 4 March 2017

TKMaxx Is Coming

TKMaxx is an “off-price” retailer (quality brands at cheap prices). It operates over 3600 stores worldwide and it currently trades as Trade Secret Stores in Australia where it has 36 stores. They will be converted to TKMaxx from April this year.

TKMaxx has been described as follows –
“Off-price retailers like T.J. Maxx (the TKMaxx parent company), have been the single largest poacher of department stores' business in recent years as bargain hungry shoppers have looked for higher end apparel brands at big discounts and avoided the second-rate malls that are home to too many department stores.

What marks out T.J. Maxx and other “off-price” retailers is that most of their stock is from habitually pricey designer labels, at drastic reductions.
What's more, the quicker inventory turn and the sense that an item on a rack might not be there the following week at a T.J. Maxx has led to a boom in this area of retail."