Sunday 21 May 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 21/5/2017

Clean Up Anger – One of traders has become increasingly concerned at the amount of dirt falling on her pristine products. Dirt accumulating on overhead girders and nearby vents is dislodged by birds or gets blown by the wind. When asking whether something could be done she was told that the sheds would soon be cleaned for the night market. Our trader is wondering why they couldn’t be cleaned for the day market.

Empty Stalls – Tough times cause traders to make cost saving decisions and we couldn’t help but notice that 7 prime corner spots were vacant in the aisles J to M last Friday. Corner spots are particularly valued and we can only guess that the extra rent payable on corner stalls tips the scales in favour of staying away if business is particularly bad. Many traders commented on the poor appearance of empty stalls.

Tip Of The Day – from one of our traders – “When you are engaging with a customer over a $289 sale don’t answer your phone, even if it is your Mother calling. Answering your phone can be a sales killer.”

Trading Is Like Fishing – One of our traders has suggested that trading at QVM is a lot like fishing. “Every time you go fishing you hope for the best. Sometimes you catch fish, sometimes you come back with nothing. It is the expectation of a catch that keeps you going.” 
(I love the analogy but when you are relying on the catch to keep paying the bills it does make things a little bit different. – Ed)

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29/05/2017 11:06:33 Clean up anger "In addition the current cleaning crew have been mixing all types of rubbish into the compactor truck at once, I have seen it each day last week and on other occasions."
Thanks very much for your input. Part of your comment has not been published as it contains claims that were not substantiated. - Ed.