Sunday 14 May 2017

Heard Under The Sheds

POD Talk – Our POD at the top of C Shed continues to draw good ideas and one of our market colleagues has suggested that he doesn’t want to see a row of pods in an aisle but a circle of PODs, properly located could create a feature for the market.
Another trader has suggested a row of PODs, but at the top of the market on Peel St. Attractive PODs would help bookend the market and create an air of mystery with back walls facing Peel St. but gaps to entice entry. Those walls could be used for some of QVM’s excellent poster displays of traders and products.

Trader Representative Committee – This week’s Trader Bulletin mentions a couple of interesting  issues including a Trader Support Program and discussions on Signage & Wayfinding but the one we heard on the grapevine which has  real significance involves Trading Hours. Many traders will be interested to hear how that develops.

Burnt Toast? - A slightly acrid smell sometimes wafts through the top end of the market and a number of traders have been wondering what causes it. Well, the mystery appears to be solved with advice from one of our cleaning staff (they seem to know everything) that it is coffee bean roasting at Merlo's on Peel St. Merlo's do their own coffee roasting on site and certainly on Saturday the smell coincided with a batch of roasting at the premises. What do they say? "There is nothing like a market for sights, sounds and smells."