Sunday 22 October 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 21/10/2017

Stress and Strain – one trader pointed out this week that nothing is more guaranteed to test stress levels than a prolonged period of poor business like we are currently experiencing.

On a similar vein, we understand that the abuse referred to by our CEO at Tuesday’s briefing involved physical abuse to one of our security staff who was attempting to control vehicle placement.

Trading Hours – the announcement of Christmas Trading hours has been criticised for lack of foresight and lack of enterprise causing one trader to ask where were our trader representatives during discussions?

Trader Awards Night – a number of traders have pointed out that last year’s inaugural awards night was a great event and roundly praised by all participants but no news for this year. Was that to be the first and the last?

CEO Replacement – interim CEO, Paul Guerra, says interviews for a new CEO are progressing well. Looking at the merry go-round in other retail entities, the question was asked who would be game enough to take on retail leadership right now? Then again market traders are such a lovable bunch, who wouldn’t want to lead us?

Queen Street Traders - one of our traders has asked what all the fuss is about. The need to move is a cause for some anxiety but this is a renewal and we know what we are in for. "There will be many adjustments made by many traders before this is all over."

 22/10/2017 23:21:43     Queen st trader      "Hi Greg, - great to see that you found one trader out of 18 in Queen Street with that outlook. There are still 17 trader you did not get an opinion or comment from. So maybe it's not the one that we need to worry about. 17 others who maybe not happy, and maybe need to be shown some understanding and empathy. After all we are talking about trader’s livelihood. Cheers John"          - John
Hi John - Thanks for the input. The trader wasn't actually a Queen St trader but before you dismiss his view, I think he was saying that there will be many instances over coming months that will challenge traders. And you are correct, understanding and empathy are essential. His point is that this is a renewal and disruption is inevitable if we want a better outcome at the end. Let's get on with it in a co-operative way that considers the needs of all traders. It is a fair point. We may all need to make some sacrifices to get the best result for the trader community. - Ed