Sunday 15 October 2017

QuadPods - Some Questions Answered

Our last article on the possibility of introducing Night Market stall setups into the day market raised a few questions. Read the article here –

As suggested by traders we asked 4 day traders who also trade at night what they think of way-finding and the impact on wheel chair use when stalls are arranged in QuadPods.

One trader suggested that way-finding was more difficult with the night time arrangement  but he overcame that by installing his identifying signage up high on his stall. The other participants didn’t think there were serious way-finding issues and in fact the more open environment (no stock above a certain level) made it easier for customers to find their way around.

None of the participants felt that wheelchairs were disadvantaged by QuadPods. They felt that the predominance of corner stalls probably made it easier for wheelchairs to get close to products. The size of the night time crowd was more likely to be the problem for wheelchairs rather than the configuration of stalls.

Participants agreed that QuadPods were worth trying in the day format particularly as part of a food/entertainment precinct within the sheds. One suggested they should only be used for food as it would be difficult to accommodate all the general traders who might be interested.

More discussion to come.

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