Sunday 29 October 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 29/10/2017

Rental Bikes – bicycles for rent have gained a lot of attention in Melbourne press
recently, usually for the way they are disposed of (in rivers, on top of bus-stops etc.). But what do you do when one ends up in your stall? Trader Andy had that experience this week and we can assure you he carefully moved this bike to a more public area before setting up his stall.

China Trip – Chinese tourists may dominate our aisles at QVM but two of our traders are over in Quangzhou at present for one of those incredible Chinese trade fairs. Presumably they are over there for business but so far, all we have seen is photographs of them eating a huge variety of delicious Chinese food. Let’s hope they come back with some good business ideas. Let’s hope they fit in their aircraft seats.

Thieves – one of our traders has his own security video set up at the stall and has captured a woman stealing one of his expensive leather wallets. QVM security will follow up on CCTV cameras within the market in order to help identify the woman and add her to our list of unwanted customers. Here is the link to the traders video -

One of our Casual Traders was surprised to find that all stalls in the preferred J-M precinct were taken on Saturday and he ended up in E shed. One upside was that he was adjacent to a café sit-down area so he was able to relax with a cup of coffee during quiet times.

Much speculation followed the antics of a one of the Renewal Project Managers as he got out a metal tape and measured up a stall in L shed, including distances to the String Bean Alley containers on Friday morning. Was this related to relocating traders over from C,D,E Sheds or perhaps putting a roof over String Bean Alley?

One of our box hire employees has been diligently collecting signatures against market renewal for some time. You will have noticed him walking around the market precinct with his sandwich board uniform and hat. Apparently he approached a delegation from the International Markets Conference for their input as they were being escorted around the market by management. He deserves double pay just for his sense of humour.

31/10/2017 12:13:58      Box hire employee             "Hi Greg the person you referred (Stephen) to collecting signatures for anti renewal is not a Box Hire employee but a table hire employee. Could you please correct that. - Box hire. " Thanks for the correction - Ed.

A trader who attended the International Markets Conference public forum on Monday night got to speak to Rene Van Gool from the Rotterdam Market. They talked about the complications of underground construction and Rene pointed out that they managed to put 4 storeys underground at their iconic market despite having a one metre water-table.