Sunday 30 June 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 30/6/2019

Siberian Hamster - fans of Fawlty Towers will remember Manuel’s Siberian Hamster (it was in fact a more mundane rodent). A hamster was sighted in Spring Bean Alley on Saturday morning and was quickly bagged before it upset too many customers.

An experienced market person reckons that a Saturday Night Market is worth a try for the Upper Market.

Saturday’s combination of rain and extremely strong winds tested many traders and reinforced the luxury for those who trade in the comparative comfort of J-RL Sheds. A trader suggested that it was the height of optimism to read the forecast for Saturday and still come in expecting reasonable trade. Yep, we are just a bunch of optimists.

One trader said that two of his customers were unfazed by the atrocious weather. One was from Canberra, the other from Hobart.

A Trader says he made the mistake of checking his sales figures over the last few months and comparing them with last year. He now wishes he hadn’t although it did explain the level of his bank account.  

Another Trader doesn’t need convincing that consumers have dried up their spending to previously unheard of levels. He sells umbrellas, and on Saturday, despite extended rain periods, did not sell one.

A Trader has a new name for SBASpring-A-Leak Alley. Thanks for the name-twist Jeff.

A Trader asks if a lower rent could be struck when you’re your aisle has more than 20% absentees. The gaps certainly create a bad impression with customers.

And In our desperate search for positive news we can relate a comment from one happy trader who says that over the last few months he has spent much less on cash register rolls and carry bags – not quite what we had in mind.

The Happiest Trader in the Market Award goes to wood burner Mick as he completes his first week in SBA with a permanent display, a new engraving machine, and a roller door.