Thursday 13 June 2019

Significant New Delivery By QVM

QVM's announcement this week of a new online shopping and delivery service for fresh produce traders is significant not just for the service itself but for the intent to make our market better and the leadership shown.

We know that traders are responsible for their own back yards in many respects. But Traders are not great at joining together and that is not a criticism, just a reality when hundreds of time-poor small business owners are asked to act in unison.

That is where QVM can show its worth by providing a common platform for discussion, evaluation and ultimate application. And that is what it is doing here.

The concept of a fresh food delivery service is exciting. It will enable us to compete with very active competitors in the supermarket sector. We have a point(s) of difference in fresh food and ideally our delivery service will allow us to enhance the depth of our offer and maintain the excellence that customers expect of QVM.

The proposed solution will initially be introduced for fresh produce traders only, but the potential for similar services in other market categories is obvious. As one Specialty Merchandise Trader said this week – “Imagine being able to clinch the deal by telling the customer we will deliver to your home or business so you can enjoy the rest of your day."