Sunday 7 July 2013

QVM Renewal Hits The Headlines

The Queen Victoria Market hit the front page of Saturdays Age newspaper with no less than 3 articles about QVM including a key editorial about change in our city. Traders were quoted as saying they needed more information about renewal before they could pass opinion.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle talked about the need for a more varied and sophisticated offering whilst assuring that the quintessential atmosphere or role as a fresh food market would not be destroyed. There was plenty of reference to the difficulties of creating car parking on an old cemetery and more reference to pulling up sheds, fixing them, and putting them back down again. Much of this has been heard before and it is apparent that we are not going to make too much progress until the State Government signs off on the renewal project.

The Age's Associate Editor, Shane Green, made some interesting observations in his article titled "Please don't destroy all that we love about our market". He talked about the nervousness associated with renewal and "What looks good on the drawing board can often struggle in its real-life application." A very sad example of this has played out at Perth's Coventry Square Markets where a $60 million investment in a market complex based on our own Queen Victoria Market is really struggling to exist just 18 months after opening. Over 50 shops have closed or changed hands and dozens have been sued or threatened with legal action for breaking leases. The character and atmosphere that permeates QVM cannot be bought or created. Similarly, a "renewal" needs very careful consideration.

Traders Representatives are conscious that their "no comment" approach is less than ideal. We would love to be able to embrace and welcome a renewal project for QVM but until the Board and Council take us in to their confidence and reveal their plans we have little to embrace. Lord Mayor Doyle may be our "White Knight" but it will take more than rhetoric to convince traders.

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09/07/2013 00:40:34RedevelopmentI noticed in the article that we wouldn't be shown the plans till after they been approved by the state, doesn't that mean that it will all be in progress and we wont have any say?Leah