Friday 5 July 2013

Why Your Trader Representatives Said No to Renewal Video

Melbourne City Council are planning a video about market renewal but GMT Trade Representatives have declined an offer to be interviewed.

The video is to go on the MCC website so that members of the public can view traders and customers talking about how important the market is to them and how important renewal will be. That sounds innocent enough except that we have no real idea of what renewal might involve. Indeed all Trader Representatives have made a specific request through the TAC (Traders Advisory Committee) to receive a Board/Council briefing on the renewal process. Can we be expected to give a view on a process that we really know nothing about? Can we really say that renewal is a good thing when we don't have any detail on how it might affect traders?

Your Trader Representatives respectfully declined the offer to be part of a renewal video until more is known about the process. We would prefer to give an informed view rather than a blank cheque.