Sunday, 7 February 2016

Heads Up On 2016 Christmas Trading Hours

Specialty Traders (General Merchandise) might like to take a close look at the proposed Christmas Trading Hours for later this year in today’s Traders Bulletin handout from the office. The proposed hours could represent significant lost trading opportunities.

Firstly, there is an intent not to trade on the Wednesday before Christmas despite Wednesday being part of the lead-up in recent years. It is proposed that the Wednesday night market will operate and of course there may a be a clash in the changeover of markets. The night market did not operate on the Wednesday before Christmas in 2015. It is not clear if a day market and a night market can operate on the same day.

Perhaps more importantly, the Tuesday after Christmas is designated as a closed day. It will be a Public Holiday with the way Christmas falls this year but the Tuesday after Christmas is potentially a big trading day, particularly for the top end. Would you want to be closed on that day?

The Trader’s Bulletin invites traders to circle a YES or a NO to the proposed changes and return a form to the office. Please give this your careful consideration and let management know your views before it is locked in.