Sunday, 7 February 2016

Marketing Sub-committee Comes Up With Some Great Ideas

Mondays meeting in the Engagement Hub was open to all traders and around 20 participants produced a bevy of marketing ideas for consideration in the 2016/17 QVM budget.

With management currently considering what should be locked in for the next financial year’s budget (2016/17), the timing was right to get trader input. But this wasn’t just about what QVM can put in their budget.  The opportunity was taken to also look at things that traders can do to help promote our market better.  In no particular order, here are some of the ideas that came from an enthusiastic discussion – 

- Colour Scheming – create clearly identifiable precincts within the market using colours
– lose the black asphalt.
- Promote Variety, Service, and excellent Customer Service.
- Amenities, cleanliness and maintenance are important considerations. We don’t do so well in cleanliness.
- Free or discount parking.
- Increase local marketing. David O’Neil talked about those customers within 15 minutes of the market. A “Shop Local” campaign.
- Customer loyalty program, perhaps with membership cards.
- Making better use of our PA including advertising events happening that day.
- Social media marketing sessions for traders.
- Tourist passes and discount vouchers.
- QVM could sponsor weather reports.
- A welcome banner.
- Produce driven events for the food areas – cheese, salami, mushrooms. A BBQ event
doesn’t relate to particular food. What are our product strengths? Maybe a cheese festival? 
- Create dwell time opportunities – maybe cloakroom/coolroom where food could be left while shopping.
- Chinese New Year – is there buy-in by traders?
- All traders should use bags with logos.
- A QVM ambassador or mascot – maybe Kon The Fruiterer.
- Seating areas strategically placed around the market.
- Banner – “The World’s Largest Market” (Note: David O'Neil talked about many of the world's best markets having BIG signs as an iconic feature.)

Couldn’t make it to the meeting? What are your ideas? What do you think of these ideas? All input is gratefully received – just click on the Have Your Say link below.

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