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Retail News Briefs – 23/7/2016

Retail News Briefs – 23/7/2016

Eagle Boys Pizza Calls In Administrators
Pizza is big business and the likes of Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Eagle Boys have dominated the $3.5 billion industry in Australia. The competition is intense and Eagle Boys has succumbed to the pressure announcing that it has called in administrators. All franchised stores will trade as usual while administrators hold talks with potential buyers.

Chinese Tourists Spend Record Amounts In Australia
According to Tourism Australia, Chinese tourists spent a record $8.9 billion in the year up to March 2016. A recent study showed that Chinese tourists spend more per head than tourists from UK and USA and they like to concentrate on quality original products that have no connection with the prevalence of counterfeit items in their home country.

3D Printed Food
We have written on this website before about the delicious possibility of using chocolate as a printing medium for 3D printers and now you can buy printers that use paste of any variety to create many different types of food. In fact, according to the makers of one printer the application is as large as the imagination of the chef.

One Dutch company creates dishes by using food pastes which are  layered on plates to create geometric and intricate designs, and are given fanciful names like Air Caviar, Fish and Chips, Caesar’s Flower of Life, Mystic Prawns, Steak TARTRIS, Love Bites and 3D Boscana.