Monday 25 July 2016

Traders Comments

Thank you to these traders for their recent comments - 

24/07/2016 21:13:29 Spun Out. "I'm getting so dizzy from all the spin going on in all directions. Sit down, take a deep breath and a ""bex"" as this will be a long journey. There is a huge difference between wants (CoM) and needs (QVM Traders).
Our emotions are born out of our love for OUR ( the people of Victoria) Queen Vic Market." Karl ADK since 1950

Thanks for your input Karl. Did you notice that the Lord Mayor gave you a wrap during his press conference. Something about the Doughnut Van staying as an icon no matter what. I'll try and send you the link to the video. - Ed.

25/07/2016 09:49:02 greg's comments. "Monday morning, having a cup of tea and reading article, that to me makes  so much sense.
I've been looking at this from many angles for many months. I look at it now as a house renovation we need to have. I say renovation, not a new house.
Sure we are gonna had mess, and inconvenience while we will be there , but we need to have a reno. 
Look at the parking situation, allow a buffer shopper friendly zone around the precinct of the market, get rid of that coca cola machine in the middle of the market, and replace with atm. , and do something about the current atm s that give no protection to the people standing there in all weathers. Yes give storage and fridge facilities to our fruit section so they can keep their produce in good condition. give areas cover from the bad weather . and  one other thing that must be done as have been saying this for the past few years, pull away from the market the hounds , that have been stalking the market from the crack of dawn issuing infringement tickets to anyone who over stays for a short while... The council cannot have it both ways. Money from a vibrant market, or from from parking and infringement tickets. and no market... " Andy
Thanks for your input Andy. Keeping to the essentials makes sense. And for a market focused on customer service there is something very unfriendly about parking infringements. Maybe we need to give our genuine customers a gold pass.- Ed.

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25/07/2016 18:37:02 Spun out 2 Thanks for the heads up re Doyle. It is great to be an Icon however if we do not have customers to purchase our products we are nothing. This holds true for ALL traders at QVM- no customers - no business. It is for this reason that my priorities lie with protecting the market, viable market = viable business, you don't have to be a Rhodes scholar to figure this one out. There are alternatives to achieve similar out comes for the market without digging up a large proportion of QVM and driving customers away. Our customers may well be missing in action for the five year program never to return as they WILL find alternative places to shop. Perhaps a tortoise and hare approach over 10 years would be more acceptable. Karl ADK since 1950