Monday 18 July 2016

Traders Lusting Over Temporary Market

Reading the articles on this website you might be forgiven for thinking that renewal is all doom and gloom but many traders see opportunity.

Yes, there will be significant disruption during the renewal process but many traders are in the mood for experimentation as renewal implementation plans are revealed and the normal day to day trading routine shows potential for new trading arrangements.

Traders in C and D sheds who have always suspected that the grass is greener over in JKL Sheds will get a chance to try out the new turf when construction starts in their quarter late in 2017.

But one prospect that really lights up the eyes for traders is the possibility of
a spot in a temporary market marquee on Queen St. Memories of the Therry St. marquee are fresh in the minds of traders with its fresh new look, carefully manicured stalls, lighting facilities, and a general buzz of excitement that even at one stage included traders and customers dancing in the aisles.

And let's not forget that big plus of one time set-up. Carefully curating your display, and then being able to leave it on site without the hassle of daily set-up and pack down is a huge attraction. Trading in the Queen St. marquee will almost certainly be available only to five day traders and they may also be expected to take advantage of extended trading hours as the market experiments with its offer to customers.

Many traders have just one question - how do I sign up?