Sunday 27 November 2016

Heard Under The Sheds – 27/11/2016

Late Trading Friday Before Christmas – the general feel around the market is that most traders want to take advantage of this opportunity. Many commented that they have wanted to try out a night market for years and this is a good opportunity. The actual logistics and final stall placements will take some time to organise.

Later Trading Thursday Before Christmas – apparently consideration is being given to later trading (4:00pm) on Thursday 22nd December particularly for food traders looking to handle the Christmas rush. General Merchandise Traders may like to be included in view of the potential trading opportunities and the lead up to late trading on the Friday.

Golfing Day – apparently the annual QVM golf day was a great success although one team (who shall remain nameless) planned on coming last so they could claim the box of chocolates. They achieved the last spot but got a wooden spoon instead – justice was dealt.
We understand that a number of awards were presented on the day but surely the Best Dressed Award went to the Guru. You scrub up pretty well Pete.

Trader Elections – a number of current Trader Representatives have indicated they will not be nominating for the upcoming elections. One has been given an ultimatum from his wife that he has to choose between marriage and the Trader Representative Committee. He admits that makes the decision a little harder.

We Are A Hardy Lot – one of our traders in J Shed believes she has broken her index finger while moving tables. The finger certainly looks badly swollen but she will wait until after weekend trading to get her doctor’s confirmation.

Stallholders Petition – C Shed traders are being asked to sign a trader led petition complaining about a number of issues including empty stalls and poor business. Particular reference was made to other traders turning their shed into a car park. Don’t we have rules about parking vehicles in empty stalls?