Sunday 27 November 2016

Trader’s Video Goes Viral

Bruce Pham has published a short video showing progress of one of his sock designs from initial concept drawing to final machine production. It is a fascinating video but the way it has gone viral on social media could be a very important guide for every trader looking to promote their business for very little cost. (See video here.)

Bruce first published the video on his wife’s facebook page and invested less than $5 in facebook advertising promotion. He ended up with 2,800 views – not a bad result. Then QVM published the video on their facebook page which has strong following (over 50,000 likes) and in less than 24 hrs, it had reached over 5,000 views.

Video seems to achieve much better penetration than your standard facebook entry. Other recent trader videos on QVM’s facebook include a caricaturist, Ivano (1,800 views), and engraver Andy (2,900 views). A video of Annettes carved flower soaps has been placed on facebook today and after 1 hour had just under 300 views.

The key ingredient with each of these videos is that they show the progress of creating a product, so they are not just static displays. If you can capture a manufacturing process or an interesting product activity, it certainly seems to increase the exposure. 

You may choose to use your own communication channels (social media and websites) to publicise your video or ask QVM to assist or do both. You can contact the marketing team at QVM on 9320 5822 or email