Sunday 18 December 2016

Heard Under The Sheds – 18/12/2016

Weather Sensors – a number of traders have asked about the strange contraptions recently attached to pillars around the market. Apparently they are weather sensors and here is an explanation from a QVM social media release –
Traders and customers have told us that improved weather protection is important. You may have noticed new weather monitoring sensors, which were installed throughout the market recently. The micro climate sensors will help inform the design of weather protection and future sustainability measures. They measure temperature, humidity, wind and radiant heat on roofs and are located in the upper and lower market sheds, Dairy Produce Hall and car park. We'll be working closely with traders on this important improvement from next year.

City Council Mayhem – the election and then withdrawal of indigenous councillor Brooke Wandin, has resulted in charges being laid over alleged misleading conduct by Wandin and ex councillor Richard Foster. One result of Wandins withdrawal is that a recount or count back will have to be conducted which could impact on trader Michael Ciaifa’s candidacy. More to come on this one.

Sausage Sizzle – the sausages cooked by QVM staff down on Queen St on Friday were well received by traders with some taking back multiple breakfasts for their own staff. Some traders complained that they couldn’t get away from their stalls to enjoy the offering and perhaps next year QVM could organise deliveries to stalls. Sounds reasonable enough. 
The cooking and serving talents of our executives were generally praised with at least one trader saying it was the best free sausage he had eaten all year. High praise indeed. 

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20/12/2016 08:42:09 Atm "Well well, thank you management for taking our suggestion , and replacing the coke machine with a much needed ATM in the centre way of j shed . 
Great to see that good ideas come to be." Andy
Thanks for your input Andy - Ed