Sunday 12 March 2017

No More Cashiers At QVM

Sam makes the perfect chef
at Christmas breakfast
The human side of our article about no more cash at QVM (see below) is that three of our office staff have lost their jobs.

Sam, Montserrat, and Dianne no longer have positions at the market. All three have been at our market for some time and will be missed by traders. When you establish a relationship with work colleagues it is always difficult to come to grips with their departure and the first thought for many traders is “Have they been looked after?”

Modern industrial practices make many provisions for employees suddenly losing employment and without expecting any detail in this case we understand (from their union delegate) that the matter was handled in a professional manner by both employer and employee.

We wish Sam, Montserrat and Dianne best wishes and a very happy future. Not having to face up to grumpy traders may assist that outcome.

13/03/2017 13:48:57 comment about 3 staff leaving "It is the corporate knowledge that walks out the door.  The quality of service will be a challenge to match.  But life moves on." 
Thanks for your comment. - Ed