Sunday 25 June 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 25/6/2017

Different Trading Atmosphere – One of our day traders who also trades at the Night Market laments the fact that night time customers are prepared to pay $15 for entrée size meals while daytime customers want to bargain for every penny. Different time, different clientele.

Concrete Bollards – Anti-terror bollards are in the news with various public places receiving their allocation including QVM. Ours seem to be stored in the car park for now.

Security Response To Thieves – The couple shown in our photo were caught stealing clothing in K Shed and drew the attention of traders in other areas of the market. Thanks to

modern technology this photo was sent to QVM security who were able to monitor the situation.

New Food In F Shed – rumour has it that the Jeans shop at the bottom of F Shed has been sold with a food vendor to come in.

New Night Market – Management are seeking traders for a new Asian food inspired Night market to commence in October. When you’re hot you’re hot.

Rent Reductions – Traders are quietly talking about rent reductions to help us through these tough times. One trader is proposing that a 30% rent reduction should be applied but only to 5 day traders who make the maximum contribution to the market. His proposal may be a little controversial although as he points out, if a number of 2,3, or 4 day traders are encouraged to take advantage of 5 day trading then that would be a plus for lots of reasons including lower stall vacancies.

26/06/2017 08:45:59 New night market "Is this stir frydays revisited?"

26/06/2017 11:00:56 New Night Market "Similar to Stir Frydays??? Given it will follow the
successful Wednesday Night formula and its going to be under the sheds not on Therry Street.
...I would say not. "