Monday 19 June 2017

Trader Comment On Post Office

19/06/2017 08:04:11 Post Office at QVM "Peel St. is full of small ""Post Offices"" and they are very busy.
Why Australia Post doesn't open office at the Market? We need time to adopt new things, and the best way is ""give us a try."" They do a presentation for themselves, but traders are looking for ""what is in for me!"" My experience told me, one of the obstacles for more relaxing shopping is ""Luggage space."" Prepaid bag and Post office ""around the corner"" will help. Or even better, let them collect parcels end of the day, because most of the traders are ""One man band"" and is not easy to leave the stall. " Mino

Thanks for the input Mino. "What is in it for me" will be covered by the extra sales you get from tuning into customer convenience and I know your business does that already. But, as you say, a physical Post Office presence onsite could be a great service for customers and traders. - Ed