Sunday 4 June 2017

QVM Heritage Video On Facebook

As the heritage of the Queen Victoria market comes into the spotlight, all those associated with the market are invited to comment on what the Queen Vic means to them.

Click on the photo above to go to the market's facebook page and check out the comments by Scott Pickett, Karl Boening and Leah Moore. You might like to leave your own comments on the page.

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04/06/2017 18:17:24      Qvm heritage video           "Given the wealth of traders we have decades upon decades of experience at QVM why is Scott featured in a video on this topic? I find it both odd and a little insulting.
Either way would like to say congratulations to Karl and Leah for speaking on a topic so important to traders"
Everyone is entitled to an opinion Anonymous but finding a negative about someone applauding the heritage of our market is also a little odd. Karl, Scott and Leah did a great job. Thanks for your input. - Ed.