Sunday 18 June 2017

What Is Coffee Shopping?

"Coffee Shopping" is a new term in retailing, and no, coffee shopping is not shopping for coffee.
The idea comes from China and it is all about creating a coffee shop experience in a store. It is providing a relaxed friendly atmosphere with friendly people (think Apple Stores) and instead of magazines, using digital formats to browse through products and assist in your purchase.
Rather than wander aimlessly through aisles and aisles of stock you are more focused and you have assistance from staff and digital catalogues. So it is providing more of a one on one experience, with a very broad range of options at your fingertips.
Coffee Shopping is likely to produce smaller stores (many retailers like Target and IKEA are heading in that direction) and possibly home delivery rather than carrying goods with you.

You might also be offered a cup of coffee as part of the experience.