Sunday 17 December 2017

Is This The Final Word On “Specialty Merchandise”.

After an intense lobbying campaign on Victraders to change the term “General Merchandise” to “Specialty Merchandise” we might have the official tick from the very top.

This week’s Trader Bulletin included a letter from none other than Ben Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer of the City of Melbourne and Paul Guerra, Executive Chair, Board of Management, Queen Victoria Market, which included the line –

“Through the Renewal Program we are committed to ensuring the market retains its character of today complete with a range of fresh produce, speciality merchandise, and an array of hospitality all in an open open air market setting that retains its unique atmosphere, heritage and affordability.”

We think that pretty much locks it in.

18/12/2017 16:35:18      Final say on specialty merchandise       "Perhaps given the current climate at QVM we could refer to the section as ‘tenacious traders’"
We are certainly that - Ed.