Sunday 17 December 2017

What We Learned From Marianne Mewett’s Social Media Workshop

Social Media Engagement has become one of the essentials of modern retailing. A number of QVM traders operate business Facebook pages and Instagram accounts but few know how to maximise their effectiveness and Marianne Mewett’s presentation at the Engagement Centre on Monday has put attendees on the right track.

This presentation was equally relevant to traders with no social media experience or those with some experience. The former group will probably want to follow up with one-on-one sessions under the Marketing Cooperative Program but current users will have left this workshop with the tools to prepare a regular schedule of social media posting and draw sales benefit from this type of customer engagement.

 Some key points included
-          The importance of good photographs and videos.
-          Posting once per day.
-          Sales focus – specials, deals, and freebies attract responses.
-          Link all your channels including your website.

Marianne has produced a document highlighting some of the key points and providing advice for new starters. We have put a special link at the top of this page (SocialMedia How To) which you can access at anytime.

Social Media Engagement is a whole new world for many traders but it has growing acceptance in the retail industry and is quite easy to implement. A daily post needs just a few minutes of spare time while at your stall and a few basic photo taking and typing skills. Any queries can be directed to the QVM marketing staff. Why not start the ball rolling now.